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2023-05-13: News Headlines

midwesternmarx (2023-05-13). April 15,2023 – Philosophy and the Struggle for a New Human Future By: Saturday Free School. midwesternmarx.com We are publishing a transcript of Dr. Anthony Monteiro's opening remarks from the Saturday Free School's April 15, 2023 session on Hegel's Science of Logic and Artificial Intelligence. The Free School meets every Saturday at 10: 30 AM, and is streamed live on Facebook and YouTube. Artwork by Serafina Harris ​I just wanted to say a few things about why Hegel, why we're reading Hegel and how we want to read Hegel and the context for our rea …

Orinoco Tribune 2 (2023-05-13). Who Is Behind Canada's State-Level Sinophobia? orinocotribune.com By Timur Fomenko — May 11, 2023 | Ottawa has kicked out a diplomat for 'foreign interference,' but its constant spats with Beijing are themselves instigated from abroad | On Tuesday, China and Canada engaged in a tit-for-tat The claims created a media firestorm in Ottawa after the Canadian Secret Intelligence Servi…

Ryan Cristián (2023-05-12). Destiny Rezendes Interview — The Military/Intelligence Hidden Hand Driving The COVID-19 Injections. thelastamericanvagabond.com Joining me today is Destiny Rezendes, here to discuss a recent investigation she conducted into the companies (or company) behind the manufacturing of Moderna's COVID-19 injections. It appears (to the surprise of no one here) that there is an obvious military & intelligence overlap to the company tapped to manufacture Moderna's jabs, a company called

Larry Johnson (2023-05-12). Why Is the DOJ Lying About Jack Teixeira? sonar21.com When CBS reporter Catherine Herridge posted the story about the DOJ claim that the alleged leaker of classified intelligence documents had a "cache of weapons and tactical gear surrounding his…

_____ (2023-05-12). Did Intel-Linked Dataminr Play Sinister Role in Hunter Biden Laptop Suppression? strategic-culture.org By Kit KLARENBERG | On April 20, former acting CIA Director Michael Morell

WSWS (2023-05-13). Ex-Pakistani PM Imran Khan released on bail amid mass protests; authorities vow to jail him again. wsws.org The government has responded to the Supreme Court's striking down of Kahn's arrest and his subsequent release on bail with great anger and threats, setting the stage for an intensification of the political crisis.

Jim McMahan (2023-05-13). Seattle unionists defend the right to strike. workers.org Seattle On May 5, 150 young unionists rallied at the federal courthouse in Seattle supporting labor's right to strike. Credit: Jim McMahan The anti-labor U.S. Supreme Court will soon take up the case of Glacier Northwest vs. Teamsters Local 174, filed in retaliation for a Teamsters strike in 2017. Glacier, . . . |

Ashley Curtin (2023-05-12). Supreme Court upholds California Prop. 12. nationofchange.org California's Prop. 1, which bans the in-state sale of pork, eggs, and veal from animals "confined in a cruel manner," was challenged by the corporate pork production industry.

Marjorie Cohn (2023-05-12). SCOTUS Case May Slash Regulation of Everything From Workers' Rights to Clean Air. truthout.org In an ominous but unsurprising development, the Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case that may well imperil our health, safety, labor, clean air and water, food and environmental protections. On May 1, the court decided to reconsider its 40-year-old precedent in the current case of Loper Bright Enterprises v. Raimondo. This right-wing court, which demonstrated its disregard for legal precedent… |

CounterSpin (2023-05-12). Ian Millhiser on Supreme Court Corruption. fair.org CounterSpin230512.mp3 USA Today ( This week on CounterSpin: USA Today

Ahmed Afzaal (2023-05-12). US-backed Military once again Targets Deposed Pakistani PM Imran Khan. dissidentvoice.org Imran Khan poses the greatest threat to Pakistan's military monopoly on political power. The arrest of former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan and leader of the Pakistan Movement for Justice (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, or PTI) caused thousands of Pakistanis to take to the streets and protest. However, Pakistan's Supreme Court ordered on May 11 his release, …

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