2022-08-13: News Headlines

Arjae Red (2022-08-13). Starbucks recruits CIA goon for union busting. workers.org An Aug. 2 post on twitter from @UnionBustingBot, revealing Starbucks had recently hired former Pinkerton employee and CIA agent Amanda Stanfill as the Manager for Global Intelligence for Retail Operations, went viral. Stanfill has quite an impressive resume as an agent of the imperialist U.S. security state and a union-buster. . . . |

STP Jesse (2022-08-13). UC Using CIA Methods at People's Park. indybay.org In 1975 The Church Committee discovered Operation Mockingbird a CIA program which attempted to manipulate domestic American news media for propaganda purposes. Almost years later U.C. is using the same technique to destroy Peoples Park.

Diegoramos718 (2022-08-12). New Research Finds CIA Used Black Americans as Drugs Experiment Guinea Pigs. scheerpost.com By Kit Klarenberg / MintPress News By now, many will be familiar with Project MKULTRA. For decades, the CIA conducted highly unethical experiments on humans in order to perfect brainwashing, mind control and torture techniques. Perhaps the program's most notorious aspect was the administration of high doses of psychoactive drugs to targets, particularly LSD. These substances …

Jennesa Calvo-Friedman (2022-08-12). To Fight a Stacked Federal Bench, the ACLU Goes to the States. aclu.org "Turn to the states." That has been the battle cry among many who seek to preserve the right to abortion since the Supreme Court's

_____ (2022-08-11). Fact Finding Mission To Donbass Part 2. popularresistance.org What do the New York Times, Kiev Independent, Euromaidan Press, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, TikTok here in the U.S. have in common? They are all funded by or staffed by Western and U.S. intelligence members pushing the U.S. narrative about the war in Ukraine. This is why Struggle-La-Lucha.org organized a fact-finding mission to Ukraine and Russia to report on the suppressed information that challenges the narrative of NATO and its member states, led by the U.S. This is the second part of my report. (Part 1: Fact-finding trip to Donbass) | The social media outlets are an open door to organizations like NATO, milita…

Stansfield Smith (2022-08-11). The United States Has Many Political Prisoners. Here's a List. towardfreedom.org The U.S. government holds many political prisoners, including journalists; national security state whistleblowers; Black, Indigenous, and other nationally oppressed revolutionaries; foreign diplomats; activists; and more, writes Stansfield Smith.

Staff (2022-08-11). Midterm Elections: How These Offices Impact Your Rights. aclu.org Following a radical Supreme Court term that has had a

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