2022-05-22: News Headlines

_____ (2022-05-21). It's Scoundrel Time Back In The USA. popularresistance.org "Scoundrel Time," Lillian Hellman's book about her experiences during the Joseph McCarthy's witch hunt, is one of the books "Scheer Intelligence" host Robert Scheer thinks best describes the current political climate in the U.S. Scheer has spotlighted various dissenting Western voices on the Ukraine war, none of which support Vladimir Putin's invasion of the European nation but merely question the West's role in the conflict. CIA veterans Ray McGovern and John Kiriakou, who join Scheer on this week's episode, are two such voices who have been maligned for their opinions on the subject. | Each guest has extensive…

Annie Domini (2022-05-21). UN Special Rapporteur's book on Julian Assange lays bare a decade-long witchhunt. peoplesdispatch.org Nils Melzer's The Trial of Julian Assange details how the whistleblower was "persecuted and abused for exposing the dirty secrets of the powerful, including war crimes, torture and corruption"

Cheryl LaBash (2022-05-21). Beyond Abortion, a Struggle to Win Our Future. orinocotribune.com By Cheryl LaBash — May 14, 2022 | When you have touched a woman you have struck a rock, says a South African proverb. It continues, you have dislodged a boulder, you will be crushed. The US Supreme Court justices who penned the recently leaked draft majority opinion abolishing voluntary legal pregnancy termination, should take heed. | Although the current debate centers on the issue of the women's right to make decisions over their own bodies in fact much more is at the root. Today's political flashpoint holds within it the urgent need to overturn patriarchal gender norms, class oppression and the capitalis…

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2022-05-21: News Headlines

____ (2022-05-21). Virginia Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, pressured Arizona state legislators to unilaterally overturn popular vote. wsws.org The emails confirm that the January 6 coup was not a "spontaneous riot" but the culmination of a conspiracy orchestrated at the highest levels of the ruling class and Republican Party elite to overturn democratic forms of rule in the United States.

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